Valencia, Negros Oriental

“While people are struggling unhappily in the cities against the cruel authorities, a waterfall happily and cheerfully flows in the nature; there is happiness only if there is freedom!”

Valencia is one of the provinces of Negros Oriental. It situated northwest side of Dumaguete City. The province is known for its mountain ranges, red rock formations and majestic waterfalls. The province of Negros Oriental is just 30 minutes away from the Siquijor. I decided to explore the waterfalls of Valencia and the twin lakes of Sibulan instead of going to Apo Island and Manjuyod sand bar because of the schedule boat trips. I can just go back to go there some other time. When I arrived at Dumaguete City, I rented a motor bike instead of going to the usual mode of transportation so that I can save time. I met a local on my way there and gave me a ride. It pays to be friendly especially when you are a solo traveler.

How to get to Valencia, Negros Oriental

From Dumaguete City, you ride a tricycle going to the jeep terminal going to Valencia. The province is only few kilometers away from the city proper. Another way is to rent a motor bike going to the said province. I decided to go to Valencia after visiting Siqujior as part of my Visayas expedition. From Siquijor port, I got the first trip of 6am and arrived at Dumaguete port by 7:30am. Geographically, the province is just near the city, so opted to rent a motor bike instead.

Casaroro Waterfalls 

This majestic waterfalls is one of Valencia’s pride when it comes to tourist attraction. This is located at Brgy. Apolong, Valencia, Negros Oriental. From the Dumaguete City, you can either commute through public transport or rent a motor bike going to the site. The waterfalls is located 15-20KM from the city proper. The waterfalls is known to place so you won’t get lost and you can also ask the locals for the direction.

An entrance fee of php10 is required and you have walk 335 steps downhill before reach the bench mark of the waterfalls and another 1KM walk towards the base of the waterfalls. Though a guide is not needed but you have to be careful because you will pass by big rocks and sometimes it very tiring especially those that are not used to in mountaineering. Aside from walking through a dangerous route, you have to be prepared physically because its a bit challenging but at the end of it, a stunning 250 ft waterfalls welcomes you. The trek may take to an hour depending in your capacity from the downhill part up to the conquering the slippery huge rocks way.

Take note that the water is extremely cold. Even if I have a high tolerance of coldness, I was not able to stay longer. The feeling was different because as if you are in a lost world. After taking some pictures and enjoying the freshness of the water, be prepared of the uphill trek towards the entrance. You have to be careful when you reach the waterfalls. I suggest not get closer because it is definitely dangerous since the intensity of the falls is not tolerable. You might get injured along the way.

Pulang Bato Waterfalls

This is also one of Valencia’s pride when it comes to must visit place in the province. The Pulang Bato Waterfalls is located at Brgy. Pulang Bato, Valencia, Negros Oriental. Since this is a famous spots, almost all of the locals from the province knows the site location. From Casaroro Falls, you will need to go through a 15KM ride towards the location of this water. No need to trek uphill or downhill since the waterfalls is situated inside a resort which has an entrance fee of php30 only.

Malabo Waterfalls

This waterfalls is within the same location with Pulang Bato Waterfall. No need to pay additional entrance fee. They have already constructed a semi- pool area so you can enjoy swimming while watching the waterfalls. The water is not a cold as Casaroro Waterfalls.

Sulfuric Vent Mountain

Before you reach the twin waterfalls, you will pass by a sulfuric mountain. No entrance fee is required since it is along the road. There are signs along the way that it is naturally toxic, so if you are planning to take some photos, don’t spend too much time near the area or better yet have the photo taken 2-3 meter away from the mountain.

Travel Expenses           

  • Boat Fee (Siquijor Port to Dumaguete) – Php 170
  • Terminal Fee – Php 15
  • Breakfast – Php 100
  • Motorbike Rent (12 hours) – Php 250
  • Gasoline – Php100
  • Casaroro Falls entrance fee – Php10
  • Pulang Bato Falls Entrance fee – Php 30
  • Boat Fee (Sibulan to Santander) – Php 40
  • Bus Fare (Santander to Oslob) – Php120

Sample Itinerary

  • 4:30 am – 6: 30 am – Traveled from Siquijor Port to Dumaguete Port
  • 6:45 am – 7: 30 am – Breakfast in Dumaguete City
  • 8:00 am – 10:00 am – Visited Casaroro Waterfalls
  • 10:30 am – 12: 30 pm – Visited Pulang Bato, Malabo Falls and Sulfuric Vent
  • 12:45 pm –2:30 pm – Traveled from Valencia going to Sibulan to visit the Twin Lakes
  • 2:30 pm- 4:00 pm – Visited Lake Balinsasayao and Danao then lunch at the park.
  • 4:15 pm – 6:00 pm – Departed from the Twin Lake and off to Sibulan Port
  • 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm – Boat transfer to Santander then bus ride to Oslob, Cebu



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