Mabini, Batangas

“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.”

When I saw an add regarding a new water sport which they call Manta Ray Dive Wing, I got interested and hope that one day I will be able to try it. I started checking if there are any blogs written about this new water sport but it seems that no one has ever tried until I saw an episode on TV which a resort in Batangas offers this kind of amenity.

How to get to Mabini, Batangas      

By Public Transport

From Buendia LRT Station or Alabang South Station, you will need to ride a bus going to Batangas Grand Terminal for php157 (Buendia) or php127 (Alabang). It will take you for about 2 hours.

From Batangas Grand Terminal, you need to take a jeep ride going to Mabini for 37php.
From Mabini, a tricycle ride going to Anilao Port then to the Sicilian Reef Dive Resort.

By Private Transport

From Manila, you will need to ride along South Luzon Express Way (SLEX) to Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (Start Toll Way) entering the province of Batangas.

By the end of the Start Toll Way, you will need to pass towards the road going to Diversion Road in Batangas City then going to Bauan. You will see a sign going to Mabini after municipality of San Pascual then turn left towards Anilao, Mabini.

Tip: Make sure to type the complete name of the resort if you will use waze application because it will suggest the long route towards the resort. Sometimes, it will lead you towards Sicilian Reef along Planet Dive which is 10km away from the resort.

The Sicilian Reef Dive Resort

The Sicilian Reef Dive Resort is located at Sitio Huway-Huway Mabini Batangas. From Anilao Port, you just need to ride a tricycle going to the resort. The resort offers the following amenities;

  • Inflatable Fishing Boat
  • Intro Dive
  • Jets Ski Rental
  • Snorkel Rental
  • Atomic Ride
  • Manta Ray Dive Wing

With sir Eric Umali and Derald Umali for a short briefing.

There are a lot of resorts in Mabini, Batangas particular in Anilao but his the ONLY resort that offers the Manta Ray Dive Wing in the Philippines. You can check their website at, like their Facebook page or you can contact Cat Umali at 0905-326-6625 for reservations.

The Manta Ray Dive Wing

The Manta Ray Dive Wing is a new water sports that offers a different kind of diving experience. This is not a scuba dive to view manta rays underwater but rather an exhilarating and white-knuckle underwater ride with a ray-winged like board towed by a jet ski along with a rope.

There will be an orientation before the actual dive since safety is there priority.

The Manta Ray Dive Wing was about 15 minutes. This video was taken by Derald Umali. He waited for me to pass by him while shooting this video. Bring your own camera.


  • Do not panic. Take control of the board.
  • If your running out of air, move the board slightly upward then it will be automatically heading towards the sea surface.
  • When you move the board downward then the board will lead you towards the coral reefs.
  • Check the underwater surroundings first before you dive to ensure that you will be not crashing towards the coral reefs.
  • Make you sure to hold your breath longer than the usual for a nice dive sequence.
  • Have a presence of mind. Remember the do’s and dont’s during the briefing.
  • The board and your hear should not be on different angle.
  • Enjoy the experience.

 This is front shot where you can attach your camera. It was super fun. 🤗🤗🤗

After the dive, I enjoyed rock climbing and spelunking at a rock formation near the resort. I also had a cliff jump for 20 feet and conquered my fear of heights.  It was hard to climb and scary but I made it. 🤗🤗🤗

My experience with the manta ray dive wing, rock climbing and cliff jump were awesome. I highly recommend to those who wanted to try something different. This is also one way to conquer your fear with the deep.

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