Romblon, Romblon

“Life experience is what defines our character, even if it means getting your heart broken or being lied to. You know, you need the downs to appreciate the ups. Going on the adventure or taking that risk is important.”

My trip to Romblon was supposed to be scheduled next week but something came up, so I decided to just packed my things up and immediately went to Batangas Port.

Welcome to Romblon

Romblon Island is a third-class municipality and the capital of Romblon Province.

How to get to Romblon Island

From Manila, you will need to ride a bus going to Batangas Port but make sure to secure your ticket first either 2GO Travels,  Montenegro or Navios Shipping. You can visit their website for the schedule.

It was my first time to go to Romblon, so I did not have any clue where to stay or what will be my travel itinerary. Good thing, one of my co-workers is from Romblon so she was able to provide information that I needed. Thank you Caryl Mendez 😊😊😊.

I planned to stay in Romblon for 3 days and 2 nights but when I arrived, the locals informed me that there will be no trips going back to Batangas by Monday due to the national election. So, I need to make an immediate plan on how to go along with my itinerary for one whole day but still following the advise of my co-worker.

Tip: Make sure to check the travel schedules online and book your tickets ahead of time for convenience. The travel time to Romblon is about 13 hours and will also depend on the departure time from Batangas port. I highly suggest to book 2GO or Montenegro shipping lines.

Where to stay in Romblon

There are couple of hotels and beach resorts in Romblon where you can stay. I checked in at Dra. Hotel. This is the newest hotel in the place. It is located at 3rd&4th floor of DRA Commercial Building. M.L. Quezon St. Rajah Matanda St. Brgy. Poblacion, Romblon, Romblon. Room prices from Php600 up to Php 1,200 per night. Additional person is php300.

Contact Information:
0949-980-9145 or 0949-691-3906

Marit Mariño was the receptionist when I arrived in Romblon around 3am. She is really nice and will take care of you.

I met Rosanna Yap who owns a small stall beside the port and fortunately enough that her son Isacar Yap gave me a tour in the place. You can contact him at 09076529598 He can bring you to all the tourist spots and you can also negotiate the price.

Tip: The locals do not take advantage that you are a tourist and will give you an specific amount for tricycle ride. Be reasonable to the locals because its not everyday that they get to be hired for touring purposes. Be friendly too.

Romblon is just a small municipality and the distance of the beaches are not that far. But what I can say, all of their beaches have white sands. I also got a reasonable price for my island hopping. It is better that you make friends with the locals because they can negotiate in your behalf. You can ask Isacar Yap to contact Jessie Menes for the boat. Kuya Jessie Menes is not a tourist guide but during my island hopping, he gave some insights about the islands and will bring you to the nicest beach areas.

Travel Itinerary:

Beaches in Romblon Island

Romblon is know to have a lot white sand beaches. It is good to note that the place is not yet crowded and most of the beach resorts are cheaper in terms of entrance fee for day tour and stay per night. I decided not to stay in a resort and rather when to different beaches.

Take note that these beach fronts are far from each other. From Nonok Beach Resort going to the Bon-Bon Sand Bar. They are just few meters away, however owned by different local businessmen. By 6am, I started by beach tour.

Bon-bon Beach

This is by far the best sand bar I have seen. I never thought I was able to experience a one of kind spot and  I was just alone at the beach. This sand bar connects from the main land to a small island.  Visitors are warned to be extra careful when swimming  due to the unpredictable water level.

Gargantos Beach

At Gargantos Beach, you only need to pay Php5 for the entrance fee and you have to experience their diving board. Take note that it is about 6 feet deep and has a basin. If you do not how to swim then don’t dive.There is also a small sand bar at Gargantos Beach in the afternoon. I had a great swim but I am still afraid of the deep. It is good to note that there are no jelly fish at that time.

Isla Cobrador

One of the must visit islands when you are in Romblon. This is one of the best shoreline I have visited not only because of the white sands but the island is still not exploited. Most of the resorts  are from private individuals not for business.  See article Cobrador Island.

Alad Beach

Logbon Beach

Tip: It is better you start the day with the island hopping because there are big waves when you cross going to Cobrador Island. What I did was start with the sand bar at Bon-Bon Beach because it is still low tide and the water is calm while Tita Rosanna Yap was waiting for the boat owner to negotiate the price. You will be amazed of the powdered – like sand and crystal clear water when you get to Cobrador Island. Enjoy the beach!! 😍

Punta Corazon Beach

Historical Sights in Romblon, Romblon

St. Joseph Cathedral

In 1991, the image of the Nuestra Señor Sto. Niño de Romblon placed at the altar of the Saint Joseph Cathedral was stolen. It was only recovered in Jan 2013 by local Catholic authorities after 22 years of missing.

Fort San Andres

Fort San Andres is the last surviving fortification from the period of the Spanish Occupation of Trinidad, which came to an end in 1797 with the capture of the island by the British. Source: Wikipedia

Romblon Freedom Park

Tip: I highly recommend to experience every island and beaches in Romblon, Romblon. My experience was awesome because I was the only one swimming at beach. As if I own it. Isacar also went to my island hopping to help me with capturing the moments.

Sunset at Bon-Bon Beach

You can go back at Bob-Bob Beach in the afternoon to experience low tide and the complete transformation of the sand bar where it connects to a small island. The sunset is also astonishing.

If you are in budget travel like me, you can just eat at a nearest eatery near the port. There are also restaurants like Marlin Bay and Pineapple Restaurant. You can also try their special siopao at Boknoy’s bakeshop near Dra. Hotel for php10.

I can’t help but to take a selfie at the beach. I went home the following day at 2pm and arrived in Batangas port around 11pm with Montenegro as my preferred shipping line.

My experience in Romblon was really awesome and I am looking forward to go back and explore Tablas and Sibuyan Islands.

Travel Expenses:

  • Manila to Batangas Bus Fare – php 157 (LRT Buendia) or  php127 (Alabang)
  • Navios Shipping Lines- php750
  • Tricycle Ride for the beach hopping- php300
  • Boat for Island hopping- php500 (solo)
  • Hotel Accommodation- php600 per night for 2 pax

35 thoughts on “Romblon, Romblon

  1. Kuya, Ilang days lang po ikaw nag stay? And Yung hotel mo po ba is malapit lang sa port? I mean, walking distance lang? Thanks po!


      1. Hello, thanks for the iti. Do you know how far Romblon, Romblon is going to boracay? Saan dadaan at paano?
        Thanks sir. Very informative iti though.


      2. Hi po ulit!😃
        Ask ko lang po. Kasi thru 2Go shipping lines po ako, nakalagay po kasi dun from batangas to odingan lang. wala pong romblon talaga. Paano po byahe kaya? Thanks po


    1. Hello, nasa blog ko po ang contacts for the accommodation. Then for the island hopping, there is an area near the small port wheere you can ask for the boat. Romblon is really not known for island hopping like other island. Kilangan ka lang makipag usap sa mga taga dun na may ari ng banka. You can either stay at Dra. Hotel and may mga resorts naman dun located near Bon-Bon Beach.


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