Tingloy, Batangas

“You can’t look back – you just have to put the past behind you, and find something better in your future.”

This was my first island adventure. Originally, I planned to go to Lobo, Batangas but I had a hard time looking for a place to stay. I saw a blog about Tingloy, Batangas and decided to go there without any idea what is in-store for me. This is the most updated information about a budget travel going to the island.

Tingloy is a fifth-class municipality of the Batangas Province, Philippines.

How to go to Tingloy Island.

Ride a bus from Manila or Alabang to Batangas Grand Terminal for php 127.00 (Alabang) or 157.00 (Buendia). I suggest to go to South Station since there are a lot of passengers at LRT Buendia.

Jeep ride for 37.00 php from Batangas Grand Terminal to Mabini, Anilao. Then ride a tricycle from Mabini Barangay hall to Port of Anilao for 30.00 php.

From Port of Anilao, a boat ride to Tingloy Island is 65.00 php. Make sure to go there as early as possible. I arrived around 8am and was able to get the second boat ride. (Tingloy Express). You can purchase the ticket once the boat departs from the port. Tingloy Island is only about an hour from Anilao Port.

I stayed in a “Home Stay” at Mina Mandanas residence. You can contact Mae Mandanas at
(0917) 841 4715 for more details. Once you are in Tingloy, do not ride a tricycle going to the house. Its just walking distance from the port. You can just ask the locals.

The electricity is only until 12mn. I asked some locals and according to them, its really like that but the home stay has batteries for night use only. The electricity was I think it from 12nn to 12mn only. Better to have your power banks ready. You can also cook and use kitchen utensils at the house for php200.

Island hopping prices from php1,500 (solo) to php2,500 (10 persons) but I was able to convince some travellers to join me. They gave me a discount of php1,200 and luckily, I met a couple who wanted to join me,so we divided the rent to 3. I only paid php400. Good deal.

Tip: If you go there alone or with a friend and wanted to do island hopping. Just mingle with the rest of the travellers staying at house. You can get a discount when you are friendly.

Island Hopping Itineraries:

  • Isla de Sombrero (entrance php 150/pax)
  • Sepuc Island (no entrance fee)
  • Marikaban Island (no entrance fee)

Make sure to enjoy Tingloy Island when you arrive because the boat trips back to Anilao is only from 6am-9am. Again, as the locals say,  “It has been like that”. I was able to have new friends in the island lucky enough that someone gave me a tour. I only paid php82 for the gas. It was really fun.

Tip: I strongly suggest to tour the island instead of staying at Masasa Beach to camp. EXPLORE!! You can stay at the island to take pictures and make sure to swim all you can. You can take your time.

Sepuc Island

Inform the boatman to tour you around the four islands of Tingloy. They already know what are the must – visit locations in the island. It is said that this is the location of the teleserye Marina around early 2000’s.

When I arrived that the island, I was really amazed of the crystal clear waters. There are no establishment surrounding the island and it is so perfect for Facebook and Instagram profile pictures.

Masasa Beach

This has been common to all beach goers since it is near Manila. Some people say that since many travelers visit and camp at the beach almost everyday, it became over crowded comparing before. Since I am a solo traveler, I did not stay overnight at the beach because the island hopping itself was already an awesome experience.

You can also rent a tent for php200 to php1,000 and camp at Masasa Beach. But if your goal is to experience Tingloy at its best, then might as well rent a boat for island hopping.

Marikaban Island

This is was one the islands I visited when I was in Tingloy. There is not much of locals residing in the area. The only establishment I saw was the Thunderbird Beach Resort.

White Sands at Isla de Sombrero

Isla de Sombrero was my first stop during my island hopping. I was really amazed because you can immediately notice the island on your way to Tingloy from Anilao. They call it Sombrero because it looks like a hat. It said that this is a private island and there is a caretaker residing in the area. You will need to pay php150 for the entrance fee and make sure to take your time while you in the island.

There is a special Lomi and according to the locals of Tingloy, it is one of the best lomi they have in the island. I was surprised when it was served because I did not expect that there are a lot of ingredients in Batangas made lomi for only php50. You can ask the tricycle drivers for the location since I was not able to take note of the restaurants name.

Travel Expenses:

  • Bus (Ayala): php127
  • Bus (LRT) : php157
  • Boat to Tingloy: php 65 (130 round trip)
  • Homestay: php 500.00
  • Island Hopping: php400 (from 1,200)
  • Isla de Sumbrero entrance: php150

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  1. Hi Sir, Ask ko lang if pwede po magcamping overnight sa Masasa Beach? if yes? do we need to pay for an overnight stay? May mga tents naman kaming dala. Hope you can help us.


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