Lobo, Batangas

“We walked to meet each other up at the time of our love and then we have been irresistibly drifting in different directions, and there’s no altering that.”

From Tingloy, I immediately went to Lobo  to somehow complete my weekend summer travel. It was a bit challenging since I am not really familiar with the place and where to stay. But of course, I followed my heart.

How to go to Lobo, Batangas

Lobo is a third-class municipality in the Province of Batangas. Bus ride from Manila or Ayala going to Batangas City. Jeep to SM Batangas. In my end, from Anilao Port, I rode a jeep going to Diversion then another ride to SM Batangas.

Lobo is about an hour from Batangas City. This is excluding traffic, meaning it is far. You will also experience the zig- zag downhill & uphill road going to the place. At the back of SM City Batangas is the terminal to Lobo. You just need to pay php55 for the fare.

Tip: For commuters and day tour

The last trip from Lobo to Batangas City is at 5pm, so better yet enjoy while you are there. No dull moments. Brgy. Malabrigo is around 25KM from the town proper. It is the last barangay towards the west side.

Tips going to Brgy. Malabrigo

  • No jeeps are allowed to go to Malabrigo.
  • You can only go there by riding a tricycle. I paid php150 to Noli Dinglasan (0929320 7601) for one way trip. Round trip is 300 (not bad with all the stop overs).
  • You can also ask him to stop over to take picture. He is really nice and will take to you to the Malabrigo Light House.
  • You can ask him to wait for you then he will go with you to the resort of choice.

Punta Malabrigo Resort

There are a lot of resorts in Brgy. Malabrigo but I was really interested at Punta Malabrigo Resort since it is the host for VIP Open Water Swim Challenge this June 11-12, 2016. You can call Zenny or Johnny Evangelista for reservations.

  • 0916-559- 8487
  • 0918-559- 0655
  • 0909-782-9630

Faro de Punta de Malabrigo (Malabrigo Light House)

Designed by Spanish Engineer Guillermo Brockman, Faro de Punta de Malabrigo was built of masonry in 1891 and completed in 1896 under Jose Garcia who oversaw the construction of the lighthouse. But was preserved by Olympian swimmer and Lieutenant Commander of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary (PCGA) Akiko Thompson. She even build a stairways from the light house towards the beach.


  • No camping is allowed unless you are checked in a resort.
  • Swim time is only at 6pm. The resorts prohibits the guest to swim at night time to prevent accidents.

TAKE NOTE: 1-2 meters away from the short is a basin. There is buoy that will lead you to which distance you can swim.

Day Tour at Punta Malabrigo Resort is php100. For overnights, you can contact the resort management. (See above)

Out of all the resorts, Punta Malabrigo has the biggest shore area.

If you dont have food. You go to the carenderia of Kuya Philip. He is the cousin of the owner of the resort. You can also make “paluto” but the price range depends on food you wanted them to cook.


  • Lobo to Batangas last trip is at 5pm.
  • Batangas to Manila last trip is at 9pm.

I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of the resort and was able to have a day tour for free. LOL!! that’s when your curiosity becomes an advantage. I was able to meet some locals and they are really nice and accommodating.


From Anilao

  • Anilao to Diversion Road- Php 30
  • Diversion to SM City Batangas- Php 7
  • Batangas to Lobo- Php 55 (Php110 round trip)

From Manila

  • Manila to Batangas Grand Terminal- Php 157
  • Alabang to Batangas Grand Terminal- Php 127
  • Batangas Grand Terminal to SM City Batangas- php7
  • Batangas to Lobo- Php 55 (Php110 round trip)
  • Lobo Town Proper – Tricycle Ride Solo – Php150
  • Lobo Town Proper – Tricycle Ride with other passengers- Php35
  • Punta Malabrigo Resort Day Tour- Php100.


  • For day tour, you can ask the Punta Malabrigo management to set up a tent beside the villas.
  • They do not allow night swim. Only until 6pm for safety.

My experience swimming at Punta Malabrigo was really different. Comparing to other beaches, the water is not that salty. Of course, I did not drink the sea water. But was impressed me a lot is the CRYSTAL clear waters and if you have goggles then you can do snorkeling just near the shore. There are lots of fishes. I swear!!!


Tingloy, Batangas

“You can’t look back – you just have to put the past behind you, and find something better in your future.”

This was my first island adventure. Originally, I planned to go to Lobo, Batangas but I had a hard time looking for a place to stay. I saw a blog about Tingloy, Batangas and decided to go there without any idea what is in-store for me. This is the most updated information about a budget travel going to the island.

Tingloy is a fifth-class municipality of the Batangas Province, Philippines.

How to go to Tingloy Island.

Ride a bus from Manila or Alabang to Batangas Grand Terminal for php 127.00 (Alabang) or 157.00 (Buendia). I suggest to go to South Station since there are a lot of passengers at LRT Buendia.

Jeep ride for 37.00 php from Batangas Grand Terminal to Mabini, Anilao. Then ride a tricycle from Mabini Barangay hall to Port of Anilao for 30.00 php.

From Port of Anilao, a boat ride to Tingloy Island is 65.00 php. Make sure to go there as early as possible. I arrived around 8am and was able to get the second boat ride. (Tingloy Express). You can purchase the ticket once the boat departs from the port. Tingloy Island is only about an hour from Anilao Port.

I stayed in a “Home Stay” at Mina Mandanas residence. You can contact Mae Mandanas at
(0917) 841 4715 for more details. Once you are in Tingloy, do not ride a tricycle going to the house. Its just walking distance from the port. You can just ask the locals.

The electricity is only until 12mn. I asked some locals and according to them, its really like that but the home stay has batteries for night use only. The electricity was I think it from 12nn to 12mn only. Better to have your power banks ready. You can also cook and use kitchen utensils at the house for php200.

Island hopping prices from php1,500 (solo) to php2,500 (10 persons) but I was able to convince some travellers to join me. They gave me a discount of php1,200 and luckily, I met a couple who wanted to join me,so we divided the rent to 3. I only paid php400. Good deal.

Tip: If you go there alone or with a friend and wanted to do island hopping. Just mingle with the rest of the travellers staying at house. You can get a discount when you are friendly.

Island Hopping Itineraries:

  • Isla de Sombrero (entrance php 150/pax)
  • Sepuc Island (no entrance fee)
  • Marikaban Island (no entrance fee)

Make sure to enjoy Tingloy Island when you arrive because the boat trips back to Anilao is only from 6am-9am. Again, as the locals say,  “It has been like that”. I was able to have new friends in the island lucky enough that someone gave me a tour. I only paid php82 for the gas. It was really fun.

Tip: I strongly suggest to tour the island instead of staying at Masasa Beach to camp. EXPLORE!! You can stay at the island to take pictures and make sure to swim all you can. You can take your time.

Sepuc Island

Inform the boatman to tour you around the four islands of Tingloy. They already know what are the must – visit locations in the island. It is said that this is the location of the teleserye Marina around early 2000’s.

When I arrived that the island, I was really amazed of the crystal clear waters. There are no establishment surrounding the island and it is so perfect for Facebook and Instagram profile pictures.

Masasa Beach

This has been common to all beach goers since it is near Manila. Some people say that since many travelers visit and camp at the beach almost everyday, it became over crowded comparing before. Since I am a solo traveler, I did not stay overnight at the beach because the island hopping itself was already an awesome experience.

You can also rent a tent for php200 to php1,000 and camp at Masasa Beach. But if your goal is to experience Tingloy at its best, then might as well rent a boat for island hopping.

Marikaban Island

This is was one the islands I visited when I was in Tingloy. There is not much of locals residing in the area. The only establishment I saw was the Thunderbird Beach Resort.

White Sands at Isla de Sombrero

Isla de Sombrero was my first stop during my island hopping. I was really amazed because you can immediately notice the island on your way to Tingloy from Anilao. They call it Sombrero because it looks like a hat. It said that this is a private island and there is a caretaker residing in the area. You will need to pay php150 for the entrance fee and make sure to take your time while you in the island.

There is a special Lomi and according to the locals of Tingloy, it is one of the best lomi they have in the island. I was surprised when it was served because I did not expect that there are a lot of ingredients in Batangas made lomi for only php50. You can ask the tricycle drivers for the location since I was not able to take note of the restaurants name.

Travel Expenses:

  • Bus (Ayala): php127
  • Bus (LRT) : php157
  • Boat to Tingloy: php 65 (130 round trip)
  • Homestay: php 500.00
  • Island Hopping: php400 (from 1,200)
  • Isla de Sumbrero entrance: php150

Talipanan, Oriental Mindoro

“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

This was the first time I had my solo travel after my semi- retirement from triathlon. One of the reasons why I wanted a quiet place was to reflect and recharge from exhaustion of the different issues I had for the past 8 years.  I was very active in multi-sports and this is something that I haven’t done before. I initially planned to go to the White Beach in Puerto Galera but thought twice because I really wanted to be alone at the beach. My office mate gave me the idea of going to Talipanan, Oriental Mindoro.

How to get to Talipanan, Oriental Mindoro

From Manila, you can take a 2- hour bus ride to Port of Batangas from either Cubao, LRT Buendia or Alabang South Station. I did ride a bus from Alabang South Station because LRT Buendia is very crowded during weekends. I paid php127.

From Port of Batangas, you can buy your boat tickets at Minolo Shipping Lines for only php 600 with free shuttle service. They will drop you off to the resort then will pick you up after you check out.


  • You might wanted to buy the round trip ticket for convenience and its cheaper than a single trip of Php450.

I stayed at the Bamboo Beach Resort, I only paid 1,900 php for 2 pax with free breakfast of choice either Filipino, American or Italian.

Without any reservations, I was fortunate to have a room to stay overnight. They were very accommodating and I was really impressed of the beach front. I also noticed that most of the guests are foreigners.

They also serve variety of food with price ranges from 150-300 php and the serving is good for 2-3 person.

For inquiries look for Dennis (0917) 562 0992


I ordered beef stew and sinigang na baboy which was my lunch and dinner since their serving is good for 2-3 persons. The receptionist offered to have my left over be refrigerated and will re-heat and served it when I had my dinner.

The staffs are so accommodating and will definitely make your stay memorable.

If you are tired of swimming and do not want to get burned with the sun. They do have beach beds located at the resort premise wherein you can ask the management to look for a masseur and give you a relaxing massage.

I also saw some guests just reading their books  while sun bathing. You can really feel quietness of the place. No loud music from videoke or street vendors offering you their products.

I was really amazed that during night time, all you can hear is the sea wave and breeze. This place is peaceful and relaxing. This is suitable for soul searching and temporarily escape from the busy life in the city.

I woke up around 4am and surprisingly was just alone at beach. My mind was so relaxed because the beach front was so quiet.

During daytime, the sea is so calm and clean. You just need to be careful if you are non-swimmer because few meters away from the shore is already more than 5 feet. You can also do kayaking for free, only from Bamboo Beach Resor. I will definitely recommend this place if you wish go to a beach where you can just enjoy without any worries.

I checked out the following day by 11am then they called Minolo Shipping Lines to fetch me going to Muelle port.


  • Manila to Batangas Port – php157
  • Alabang to Batangas Port- php 127
  • Batangas Port to Muelle, Puerto Galera- php600 (back&forth)
  • Bamboo Beach Resort- php1,900 (with breakfast) Walk -in