Legazpi, Albay

Going to Legazpi City, Albay was a bit challenging because it was the first time that I traveled alone. I used to go home in my province yearly and joined triathlons or marathons but with friends.  This will be my first time to go to Albay and to travel alone.

Travel Itinerary

  • Cagsawa Ruins
  • Sili Waiting Shed
  • Quitinday Green Hills
  •  Ligñon Hills
  • Daraga Church
  • Embarcadero
  • Legazpi Boulevard
  • Albay Provincial Tour
  • Food Trip

Note: You can stop by at anytime to take photos.

Best of Legazpi

Balinsusong – steamed rice cake wrapped in banana leaves in the form of a cone or Balinsuso for 5php each.

Bicol Express (authentic)- known as Sinilihan is a native Filipino food originated in Bicol. Pork strips and finger chillies cooked in coconut milk. Cooked by Mrs. Mila Llaguno was really delicious and the taste was so different compared in Manila. The spice level is 2. I wanted more!!!

Pinangat– also known as Laing, is a dish which combines Taro Leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk. The ingredients are wrapped in gabi leaves, tied securely with coconut leaf and simmered in coconut milk. 3 for php100.

Tinutungan na Manok- Adobong Manok na Sinunog na Gata. – Tinutong means toasted. Toasted coconut milk directly through a burned charcoal. This gives the dish a smoky, creamy fusion of flavors.

First Colonial Restaurant(Home of the Sili Ice Cream)

Sili Ice Cream (pink)  Avocado (green)  Ube (purple)

Melon (orange) Coffee (light brown) Pili (white with sprinkle)

Calamansi (yellow) Pipino (white) Cacao (brown)

These ice creams have its original taste as fruit or vegetable. No artificial flavor. The restaurant is located at the Pacific Mall, Legazpi.

Cagsawa Ruins

The Cagsawa Ruins also Kagsawa or Cagsaua are the remnants of an 18th – century Franciscan Church. It was built in 1724 and got destroyed by an eruption of Mayon Volcano in 1814. It is located in Barangay Busay, Cagsawa in the Municipality of Daraga, Albay.

From Daraga City proper, you can ride a jeep for only 8 php going to the site. A 20 php entrance fee will be paid for the maintenance of the place.

Still at Cagsawa Ruins

There are a lot of things you can buy inside. One of the must try is the Flavored Sili Shake. You can choose from any available flavors such as Guyabano (Graviola Tree), Mango, Buko and Melon.

Manong Virgil sells the souvenir Cagsawa shirts for only 150-200 php depending on the designed.

ATV Experience

This is my first time to experience riding in an ATV(All-Terrain Vehicle). It is a vehicle that travels on a low – pressure tires, with seat that straddled by the operator, along with the handlebars for steering control.

Majestic Volcano ATV Adventures Travel and Tours offers different price packages depending on how closer you want to get to the volcano.
I only tried the 1 hour ATV experience along the river side of Cagsawa. You will cross a shallow river wherein you will experience a challenging route.

I suggest for tourists/ travellers to make Majestic Volcano ATV Adventure Travel and Tours as their ATV choice because their associates do not ask for tips and they will take photos/videos while you are riding the vehicle. You can contact Kenneth Villa @ 0906-487-6181.When you visit the Cagsawa Ruins, you really have to try the ATV to complete your experience.

Majestic Volcano ATV Adventure Travel and Tours – offers different packages for Mt. Mayon ATV experience. The prices may vary depending on the distance from the volcano. The closer you wanted to the volcano, the higher the price.

Bicol is known as the Sili Capital of the Philippines because of the delicacies are with chili. Surprisingly, not all Bicolanos love to eat spicy food.

Sili Waiting Shed

This also one of the reasons why I went to Albay to take a picture of this Sili structure along the national road after I watched a Filipino movie “She is Dating a Gangster”.

In reality, when you see the Sili Waiting Shed, it means that you are entering Malabog, Daraga, Albay which was constructed to honor an Albayeno who consumed 550 pieces of red hot chili in just 3 minutes during the first Sili Eating Contest in the province.

Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave (Camalig, Albay)

This cave does not really have much of a difference from any other caves in the Philippines. In fact, it is not as much exciting when you consider the physical aspects of it. A Typical cave as they say, stalagmites and stalactites are definitely the things you can see inside.

However, what makes it different from any other cave is the circular structure situated in the middle of the cave. They call it the “dance floor” which was built in 1952 wherein it served as a venue for town fiesta celebration.

Quitinday Greenhills (Camalig, Albay)

This is one of the must – see places when you are in Albay. The Quitinday Green Hills Nature Park is located at Camalig, Albay. There are ways to go to the site. However, the most suitable way when you are a solo traveller is renting a motor cycle.

Majestic Volcano ATV Travels and Tours offers a day tour package for 1,500 including 5 destinations for 2. It may be expensive but it is very convenient because you will be accompanied by a travel guide and will ride a motor cycle to go the all the tourist spots. The route going to the place is far from the national road.

You need to pay 20 php for the environmental fee and needed to climb going to the hill top. It is not as difficult as it may seem but once you are on top of the hill, its like you have seen the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. The only difference is that it is not as commercialized and you have a sense of feeling close to earth.

Rice field (Guinubatan, Albay)

Most of the rural areas are composed with farm lands which is their source of income. This was taken when we passed by Guinubatan on our way to Daraga. During typhoon Reming last 2006, Guinubatan was one of the most affected area in the Bicol region. There were a lot of casualties, dead bodies and destroyed infrastructures. But now, the town has already recovered and the people have already learned from that experience.

Ligñon Hill (Legazpi City, Albay)

It is a prominent hill in the city of Legazpi, it is 3km west of its downtown port area. The summit rises to about 512 feet (156 meters), overlooking the Mayon Volcano to the northwest, the entire city and Albay Gulf to the east. The site is being managed by the city and provincial government. It has also been designated as a Nature Park.

You will pay an entrance fee of 50 pesos and needed to go uphill. At the hill top you will see the city over view. Picture perfect as they say.

I had a chance to do the zip line for only 200 php because of my tour guide. He was able to ask for a discount from the zip line coordinator.

Ligñon Hill and Legazpi City View

The place has a lot to offer from perfect views up to delicious foods. Aside from that, the people of Legazpi are so nice and they really put an effort to have a clean city.

They are also following the “No Smoking” policy of the city. You will have a hard time looking for a pack of cigarette if you wanted to smoke.

Daraga Church (Nuestra Señora de la Porteria)

Also known as Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church located at Daraga, Albay. It was built by the Franciscans under Roman Catholic Diocese of Legazpi in 1772 and was declared as a National Cultural Treasure of the Philippines. It was belief that the church was built after the eruption of Mayon Volcano to replace the Cagsawa church.

Embarcadero (Legazpi Boulevard)

Mayon Volcano (Legazpi, Albay)

Mayon is an archetype of a symmetrical strato-volcano and one of the worlds most active volcano.Its most violent eruption was in 1814 which killed 1200 people and had devastated several towns.

Mt. Mayon Volcano (A place full of Appreciation)

This was my last night in Daraga, Albay. I went back to the church and stayed on the roof top of Labuyo Restaurant. I was really amazed of how majestic the scenery is. At that day, I cannot explain how I felt that I only see the volcano in post cards.

Travel  Expenses:

  • Manila to Legazpi, Albay air fare – php 3,100 php (round trip)
  • Manila to Legazpi bus fare- php800 (one-way)
  • Tricycle Ride – 50 php ( airport fare)
  • Cagsawa Ruins Entrance fee- 20 php per pax
  • ATV Ride – 500 php per head/ hour  ( tour guide / discounted from 699 php
  • Motorcycle – 1,500 php (5 destinations)